Business Broadband

Broadband how you need it

One size does not fit all, and Swiift Internet appreciates that there is more than one choice. With all the options and infomation out there things can become a little confusing so we have decided to keep things simple. Our goal is to provide you with the best Internet service at the fastest speed available to your location, at the right size for your requirements.

We’re Keeping Things Simple!

No matter what type of connection, the monthly price is the same! ADSL, VDSL or UFB 100/100


(No Voice, BYO Router)


ADSL ● VDSL ● UFB 100/100
Unlimited Data
BYO Router
Fixed IP Address

Broadband + Router

(No Voice)


ADSL ● VDSL ● UFB 100/100
Unlimited Data
WiFi Router Rental
Fixed IP Address

Broadband only plan requires you to supply your own router.
All connections come with a free static IP address and loads of new possibilities…

VoIP Services

Use voice over IP services to run your office telephone or PABX system in the cloud!

Video Conference

Video conference without interruptions or affecting others on the office network.

Transfer Large Files

Send and receive large files outside your business without slowing the network.

Cloud Backup

Upload your backups to the Cloud using the faster upload speeds of VDSL and Fibre.

The Small Print
Making sure you have all the facts, here they are nice and big

Installation Charges

Installation charges may be applicable for your DSL or UFB installation. In some cases these charges may not become apparent until after the installation process has occurred. An additional installation fee may be incurred depending on the work required to  be completed by the technician to provision the service at your premises.

IP Address

Although you receive a free static IP address with your connection, there may be times when network upgrades require your IP address to change. Should this occur we will notify you in advance.

Pricing & Payment

Prices shown exclude GST and are subject to change without notice. Payments must be made by direct debit unless otherwise arranged.

Fair Usage

A Fair Use Policy applies to our unlimited plans which we define as a situation where, in our opinion, the cost of providing the service(s) to you greatly exceeds the price that the service is being sold for. In these situations, we reserve the right to contact you to discuss alternative options, or, to exit the service early without penalty.

Early Termination & Cancellation

A 24 month contract applies for all connections. Early termination fees apply. Termination within 1st year of 24 Month contract is $295, early termination of 12 Month contract is $195. One month written notification of cancellation is required for connections outside of contract.