VoIP Solutions

Start Saving with VoIP today!

The telephone is an essential part of the communications toolkit in any business; it’s been used for over a century for good reason. But in today’s business world, the costs of traditional phone systems can drag down your company. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an alternative? Well, there is. If you haven’t heard of VoIP, it’s time to learn about the next step in the evolution of the phone. And there are a number of advantages that make it essential for many businesses in today’s modern world. Here’s how VoIP can help your business.

Swiift Internet are proud to resell 2Talk’s award winning, feature rich VoIP solutions that enable you to take control of your telephony. No matter what your size, Swiift can provide a VoIP solution for you.

What is VoIP?

To truly understand how VoIP can help your business, you must first know what it is. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. All that means is that you’re essentially able to talk with others over an Internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

Why should I use VoIP?

Not sure why VoIP is such a big deal these days? You’re not alone. Many business owners have heard about voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), but they’re not sure how it applies to them. The biggest advantage of VoIP is that your business will save a bundle on costs. VoIP takes efficiency to a whole new level. Since you’ll be receiving phone calls over the Internet, you’ll cut out the expense of a phone line altogether and instead consolidate both your Internet and voice communication costs.

Compared to traditional telecom, online telephony gives you more for less: greater flexibility, greater control and greater oversight at a lower total cost of operation. Plus, VoIP offers even small businesses the sort of communications tools that were once only found in the largest companies.

Some other reasons to move to a VoIP Telephony Solution;

  • Hosted phone solutions require no on-site PBX equipment. That means you have more space in your office and you never need contractors to pay you a visit (particularly valuable if your office is just a spare bedroom in your home).
  • Because there’s no physical hardware involved, you never need to worry about maintenance, repairs or upgrades.
  • You have the full functionality of your phone system wherever you can get online. Redirect your numbers, change you message alerts review your call history from home, at a business  or from the comfort of your favorite coffee shop.
  • Your phone system will work across multiple locations, if need be. Whether your employees are located in a single building, spread across the country or even around the world, VoIP telephony means you all share one communication system.
  • Not only does a VoIP Telephony solution eliminate the need for telecom specialists, it can also replace receptionists. With the Auto Attendant feature your telephony system can greet callers and route customers calls depending on your needs.
  • Online telephony is flexible. Not only can you set it up in minutes, you can also expand or reduce services quickly and easily. You’re never stuck with features or hardware you no longer want (or want to pay for) moving offices or allowing your employees to telecommute is a breeze.