Web Design

Unleash your digital strategy

Benefit from a brand-new product line up made especially for your business, where you can pick options and we will work with you to make sure they are working for your business, as well as looking great.

Don’t let your customers be turned off your company – because you haven’t got relevant and customer centric content on your site. In today’s economy, you need to be one step ahead of your competition

YOUR content when YOU want!

Upgrade your website & take control of the content and management with well designed, well structured online solutions, built on the flexible and reliable WordPress platform.

  • Got a small budget you think won’t work – we can tailor a solution for you and your requirements, one that can then be scaled as required.
  • Full content management – start with a basic content managed site and then expand when required to a more elaborate version with more design and layout;
  • Your site will be hosted with the team @ Swiift Internet, who know and understand WordPress;
  • Working with you, our team of experts spend time to understand your business and your customers;
  • Get a solution that works for YOU, one you can manage and measure;
  • Mobile friendly, for when the searches are done via mobile or tablet;
  • Track and measure your visitors – link to your adwords, using Google Analytics.

Customer Follow-up Made Easy

Do YOU have a million things to do and only a small team to get it all done?
Then using email marketing and the magic of auto-responders can create customer service magic for you. Let us work with you to create a email marketing plan and execution strategy, plus assist you setting up the content and templates. Simplify your systems, but make them work for you.

Facebook, Twitter, iPhone app… huh?

Do you want to get into the world of Facebook, Twitter, or one of the many social media platforms or applications, but don’t know how or why? Let us spend some time with you to go over your options and what will work for your business;

  • Find out how cost effective solutions can be;
  • Learn about Social Media and how to use it;
  • We will even provide some ideas on promotional marketing and how it can be achieved via social media.
Harness the power of digital for your business!

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